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Scooping Matcha with a chashaku for a tea ceremony

Our approach to events

Spreading ideas about the culture of Japan into the West is at the heart of the aims and philosophy of NishuraEast. So our programme of events will be of central importance to the forming of what we do at Nishura, and how we create an ongoing relationship between our visitors and our makers and artists.


In the months to come NishuraEast plans to hold an interesting and useful programme of workshops and exhibitions featuring cultural products, highlighting the creative process and the artists, designers and craftsmen behind them. Please keep in touch for further details.


We are programming an exciting series of Exhibitions of artefacts, products and projects to take place at our space in Great Western Studios in Notting Hill, and at other London venues.


A stimulating schedule of Workshops is up and running and will take place, allowing you to involve yourself in a range of different Japanese craft and art areas, taking place at venues in and around London.