NishuraEast has a mission to bring to you some of the most beautiful and delightful cultural products from Japan. Making them available with an online service that is efficient, helpful and captivating.

paper and brushes for calligraphy
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Japanese sweets for a tea ceremony
japanese flower arrangement

Our Story

Over centuries Japan has cultivated ways of living that honour artists and craftsmen, prizing acts of making and natural materials, and relishing ways of using made objects. They have found great beauty in everyday creations, and made beautiful creations for everyday life.

NishuraEast is eager to reveal the beauty of what Japanese artists and craftsmen can achieve – from design to food, and from art objects to clothes – understanding how each region of the country plays its own part.

haru stuck on design home decor
Stalogy UK NishuraEast

Our Creative Community

As you will see, the objects on NishuraEast are exceptional and have rare qualities – and behind each piece and brand are remarkable artists, makers and designers. We celebrate those creative makers here, and look into where they come from and how they work – offering you a greater understanding of the objects on the site, and giving us the chance to create a stimulating community of artists, designers and craftsmen here on NishuraEast.

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