Keiko’s Christmas Presents


I am planning on buying my Christmas presents a little earlier this year. Well, I think that every year, but I always ends up buying them quite last minute! However, as everything is getting more expensive this year (thanks cost of living crisis!), I’m planning it out much more carefully. Even if it’s tough, I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve reduced the budget for my presents this year.

The biggest compliment for a present I’ve gotten is from my niece, when she was 10 years old. I gave her a box of 30 felt rings and she carried it around day. She told us “This is the best present of my life!”. I’ve always chosen my present for her very carefully since then, as I don’t want to disappoint her! I want to give her the Tea Scholar’s Set as she’s at university now and is a devoted vegan.

Tea philosophy bundle

I want to give my friend one of Yukiko Kitahara’s Horse Cups as she likes horses more than anything else! She had a tough time while living in London, and horses changed her life. She left London and bought a little cottage in Yorkshire, where she can live alongside horses. A porcelain cup isn’t exactly proper country muddy horse stuff, but I think it’ll make her smile!

My sister is always a difficult person to find a present for. She has everything, and she used to be in the high fashion industry, so it’s very tricky to give her any fashion related items. I know she and her husband go to watch Rugby matches in Tokyo quite often. I want to give her one of Hoop’s large canvas Yokonaga bags. It is bright and sporty and can fit a thermos with a hot drink, some snacks, and an extra layer or jumper in case! I think I’d choose either red or blue for her.

hoop yokonaga red

Finally, I want to give a bento box to my good friend who is vegetarian, and very fussy about food. It’s not always easy to find a restaurant to go to with her! She always makes her own lunch to take to work. Our Magewappa bento boxes are made from cedar, which absorbs moisture to prevent food from going soggy. Cedar also has bactericidal properties! It’s a slightly expensive gift, but I know she will understand the quality and use it forever.

Irodori Magewappa Bento Box

I know many people gift and receive a lot of Christmas presents, but I don’t want to give anything which will just go in the back of the wardrobe or go straight to a charity shop! I want to give presents which will impact my friend’s daily life or make them smile when they see it. I hope they will all love my presents and get a lot of use out of them!

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