Which Matcha Tea is right for me?

If you are new to matcha tea, or even just wanting to try a different type it can be daunting picking out a tea when faced with 10 seemingly identical tins. Why is one twice the price of another? What does it mean that one tea is more umami than the next? Well don’t fret anymore, NishuraEast is here to save the day!

Our Japanese Tea Master Keiko Uchida has tried all of the matcha teas we sell and devised this tea chart. Each tea falls into its own place on the scale, between bitter and sweet, full bodied and light. Here you can compare each tea against each other, to choose the tea with the taste that suits you best.

Everyone has a different palate and different preferences. Some people smoke and so taste things differently, and some people love spicy food so prefer a stronger, more bitter matcha. Whatever your taste may be, you can use the tea chart to select your ideal taste.


If you’re new to matcha, then Keiko recommends you start with Aoarashi matcha, from Marukyu Koyamaen. It has a light flavour, with a slight bitterness and make a great tea for everyday drinking. If you are looking for a more special matcha, then why not try Shoin no Mukashi, from Ippodo. This matcha has a fuller flavour with a sweetness distinctive of premium matcha.

You might also see that we have Keiko Uchida Organic Matcha available. Organic matcha tends to be more bitter than other matcha teas, so this makes it ideal for making matcha lattes. We suggest you try it with organic milk, or organic soy milk to make a delicious matcha latte.

And if matcha just isn’t your cup of tea (pun intended) then why not try one of our other fantastic teas – hojicha or mugicha. There really is something for everyone!

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