Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday with the Stalogy Travel Set


Having endured all that rain (one month’s worth in one day?!) I think we are finally getting some decent summer weather (hopefully I’m not jinxing us!). Schools are starting to break up for the holidays, lockdown restrictions are being lifted in England, and it finally feel like we can have some time to enjoy ourselves in the sun.

Whether that means you are travelling the world, exploring the UK, or even sitting in your garden with a nice cold drink, you could probably out the Stalogy travel set to good use.

The travel set includes an A6 1/2 Year Editor’s Series Notebook, and your choice of oil-based or water-based ball point pen. The oil-based pen is similar to a traditional ball-point pen, whereas the water-based pen has a more opaque, gel pen like appearance – there are also refills available for both types of pen. The travel set fits conveniently in a pocket making it ideal for taking on the go. Jot down your thoughts, sketch birds or flowers you come across and even hold an impromptu pub quiz. Once you start carrying a notebook, you’ll never want to be without one. It just isn’t that same as writing things on your phone.

Stalogy Travel Sets

The travel set is available in the four classic Stalogy colours. Black with a black pen, blue with a blue pen, red with a red pen and yellow with a black pen. Be aware though that the barrel of the pen is the only part that is coloured – all the pens write with black ink! You can even personalise your notebook with 2 or 3 embossed letters, in your choice of gold or silver. It would make a wonderful gift for someone setting out on their own adventure!


You can find the Stalogy travel set as well as our full holiday collection here!

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