Starting 2021 the Right Way…

Starting 2021 the Right Way…

Written by Sophie, January 2021

Like many of you I’m eager to get into 2021 and leave 2020 in the past. I’ve decided my New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more. The same resolution I had last year (and the year before that…). Every year without fail I buy a bunch of exercise gear in the sales, go for one run and promptly remember why I gave up the year before. I’m determined to break the cycle in 2021 and actually follow through.

I’m starting by using my Stalogy notebook as a planner. Hopefully if I’m accountable to the notebook I can keep on track. My colleague Juliet is a big fan of the Stalogy Removable Calendars, so I thought I’d try them out.

We’ve also just received the new weekly version of them, perfect for customising pages of your notebook to plan out the week ahead. I use the A5 notebook, so the medium ones will work best.

Another member of the Nishura East Team, Ai, is a masking dot lover! As she was the brains behind the masking dots Christmas cards, it’s hardly surprising. On Ai’s recommendation I’m going to use the 5mm masking dots to check off when I’ve completed one of my goals. Physically ticking (or dotting in this case) something off your list is really satisfying!

The removable calendars are great for more than just keeping track of exercise. With all of us in lockdown for the foreseeable future, and many parents having to work from home and supervise their children’s schooling, a schedule is more important than ever. Different colour masking dots can be used for different subjects, or different people – whatever helps keep you organised and motivated.

Why not try the removable weekly calenders? We also have removable monthly calenders.

Check out the full range of Stalogy masking dots,  with a huge variety of colours and sizes.


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