The 2021 Limited Edition Stalogy Notebooks are Here!

The 2021 Limited Edition Stalogy Notebooks are Here!

Written by Sophie, May 2021

After months of waiting, we are thrilled to say that you can now buy the Limited Edition Stalogy Notebooks in Matcha Green, Cobalt Blue and Smoky Grey from NishuraEast.

We are committed to using eco-friendly methods wherever possible and as such, we ship our good from Japan via the ocean, rather than using airplanes. This time however due to the global shipping crisis and of course the Evergiven getting stuck in the Suez Canal, we’ve had to wait a while for our products to arrive. Luckily the wait is entirely worth it.

The three colours complement each other (and the existing Stalogy range perfectly, whilst being completely different to each other.

                               Stalogy limited colour Cobalt blue lifestyle shot for products page  Stalogy limited colour Matcha Green lifestyle shot for products page  Stalogy limited colour Smoky Grey lifestyle shot for products page

Cobalt Blue is a deeper, more vibrant shade than the standard blue Stalogy notebook, but still brighter than the 2020 limited edition Navy version.

Matcha Green is exactly that! The colour of freshly ground matcha powder – not too blue or too yellow but a bright, leafy green. If you personalised this notebook with gold lettering, it would look fantastic!

Smoky Grey is lighter, and more subtle than last year’s Dark Grey. It’s a calming tone, perfect for the office or for home.

As with all Stalogy notebooks, the 2021 Limited Edition colours are available as ½ year or 365 day notebooks. They feature Stalogy’s signature ultra-thin but non-bleed though paper, with the thin grey grids and easy dating system. And of course they can be embossed with up to three letters in gold or silver.

Order yours today, as they’re bound to sell quickly – and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

                         Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Cobalt Blue  Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Matcha Green  Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Smoky Grey

Which colour will you choose?

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