What makes the Stalogy Vintage Notebook so great?


The Stalogy vintage notebooks are such great and versatile notebooks, that everyone can find a use for.

They make superb exercise books for school or university – unlike other books that you might find for a similar price, the stalogy vintage notebooks have a stitched binding rather than being stapled – so they are hard wearing, and pages won’t fall out. The cover comes in six different colours: red, blue, yellow, green, grey, and black. Perfect for separating different subjects.

Stalogy Vintage Notebook Black

The notebooks open flat and have thin, light grey ruled lines that are 7mm apart – the perfect spacing for writing. The high-quality 81.4gsm paper is acid free and FSC certified. It is super smooth, and pens just glide across the page. The paper is non-bleeding, making it suitable for pencils, ballpoint pens and fountain pens as well. It sounds silly, but high-quality paper makes writing so much more enjoyable!

The cover of the vintage notebook is made from ‘Gokanshi’ a textured card. The cover colours are vibrant, and there is also a removable label on the spine – ideal for marking which subject the notebook is for.

The vintage notebooks are incredibly well made and feel far more expensive than their £6.50 price tag. The only question left is how many will you buy?!


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