Why Stalogy Notebooks just got better!


The award winning Stalogy Editor’s Series notebooks are now available with plain or dotted paper.

Available in Stalogy’s four classic colours: red, yellow, blue and black, and as ½ Year or 365 Day notebooks. The Editor’s Series range just got a whole lot bigger.

These notebooks feature the same lightweight non bleeding paper, but now they are free from lines and dates, leaving you free to fill the pages with whatever you like. The plain pages allow you maximum creative control over how you use your notebook. Perhaps it will become a sketchbook. Or a scrap book. Use the dotted paper to turn yours into a bullet journal. Or maybe you’ll plot out your next big project.

An open notebook with flowers drawn on the pages    An open notebook with graphs on the pages.   

As with all our Editor’s Series notebooks you can personalise your notebook by embossing the front cover with your choice of 2 or 3 letters, in either gold or silver foil. (And I mean wouldn’t a personalised notebook be a perfect Fathers’ Day gift…)

So however you use your notebook, you can now choose from plain, dotted or the classic grid paper. There has never been a better time to buy a Stalogy notebook!

We currently only have limited quantities of each notebook and while we plan on restocking soon, these notebooks have proven extremely popular in Japan (for good reason!) so it could be a while until they’re back. With all that in mind, you’d better get yours quickly!

Stalogy Dotted Notebooks          Stalogy Plain Notebooks

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