A Few of Our Favourite Things…

A Few of Our Favourite Things…

Written by Sophie, January 2021

It’s hard to pick a favourite product, I think our tenugui are great (so much so that I wrote an entire blog post on them!), and I’ve also already told you how delicious the cooking matcha is. I thought rather than picking an all time favourite, I’d write about two current favourites.

I am a huge matcha latte fan, which many matcha lovers consider sacrilege I know, but something about the earthy, slightly bitter matcha with foamy milk is just so good. Unfortunately, I recently finished my tin of Marukyu Koyamaen Aoarashi, which I use for my matcha lattes (fyi I repurposed the tin into a pen pot – it looks great). To replace my matcha lattes, I have started drinking genmaicha. Whilst I drink a lot of sencha (both hot and cold) I hadn’t really tried genmaicha properly. It really is quite delicious, with the roasted rice giving it an almost popcorn like aroma, and a toasty finish. Watching the leaves unfurl in the hot water is also very satisfying.

As a consequence of lockdown 3.0 I have been browsing Instagram pretty non-stop (maybe living vicariously through other people?). I’ve found myself coming back to a few bullet journal accounts. I knew vaguely about bullet journaling, but as I’m not the most artistic person I’d never really considered doing it. However, if there was ever a time to pick up a new hobby, it’s probably now.


stalogy notebooks

My A5 Stalogy notebook is the perfect canvas, as the lightly marked grid on the page helps to lay out your schedule, without obscuring your writing. I also think it might be nice to be able to look back at these journals in a few years (when covid is far behind us, fingers crossed) and see how I spent my time. The Stalogy notebooks are lovely to write in, and the paper is thin enough to keep the notebooks light, while still feeling high quality, and preventing ink from bleeding through. The four small gold stamps on the front of the notebooks really add to the minimal, Japanese style and the four permanent colours – blue, red, black and yellow – are all equally attractive. The limited-edition colours that Stalogy releases each year are always great too.

You can get our genmaicha here, and see our full range of Stalogy notebooks here.

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