Limited Edition Editor’s Series Notebooks


184 sheets, 368 pages / 96 sheets, 192 pages

The minimal details (dates, days of the week, months, thin, grey grids and numbers indicating times) of this simple-styled notebook make it possible to use as a journal, day planner or sketchbook.
Looks sleek and is easy to carry because of the thin paper that is used.
Designed especially for editors who use notebooks for various purposes, such as jotting down ideas, recording notes while covering stories, and organizing or laying out ongoing schedules.

Personalise Your Notebook

For added exclusivity you can personalise your notebook with stamped initials, in gold or silver lettering, with two or three letters. Just tick the box below.

Grid Size:
A5 4mm x 4mm


Cover – Paper & Cloth, Sheet – Paper

FSC Paper

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