PET Tape – Neon Candies 02


Available in 32 colours HARU stuck-on design PET is the tape to choose for decorating floors and tough assignments. The strong adhesive ensures your design is long-lasting, while still being removable, without harming surfaces. With an opaque and glossy finish, the bright colours are perfect for everything from simply marking social distancing lines to creating elaborate works of art – the only limit is your imagination.
Each roll of tape is 10m long and comes in a choice of two widths: 50mm and 150mm.
Every HARU PET tape colour is also available as washi tape, ideal for use on walls and furniture


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HARU stuck-on design

HARU stuck-on design is totally new concept – allowing you to add colour to interiors and objects in a way like never before. Stick on and peel off, create and explore.  Of course it’s just as good for children as it is for adults, and it’s a great way to learn creativity. Without damaging walls...


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